knife sharpening

The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. offers professional kitchen knife sharpening in our store in Downtown Brookings. We use a TruHone professional electric knife sharpener. A variety of knife styles is accepted though we cannot sharpen serrated or ceramic knives.

To utilize our sharpening service, simply bring your knife into The Carrot Seed. We will inspect your knife for any defects and gather your contact information. Payment is due when a knife is dropped off. Sharpening service is $3 for a knife less than 4″ and $5 for a knife over 4″. We will sharpen your knife and call you for pickup within 48 hours of drop-off. Each knife will be sent home in a cardboard sheath that can be reused for future knife transport.

why should you sharpen your knives?

Cook’s Illustrated says it best: It is crucial to keep knives sharp so that they cut through food with less slippage. Dull knives are dangerous because a dull blade requires more force to do the job and so has a higher chance of slipping and missing the mark. Plus, poorly cut food will not cook properly. A sharp knife will produce food that is evenly cut and therefore will cook at an even rate.